High Five for Friday: Ready for a Long Weekend

Good Morning! It was a pretty mellow week in my neck of the woods, the weather is slowly starting to cool down, I managed to stay productive and relatively positive throughout the work week, and am gearing up for a long, lazy Labor Day weekend. Without further adieu, here are my top five from the week!

High five for

[ONE] I am very excited about my agenda for the day. I only have to work 3 hours this morning, all of which I will be doing from the comfort of my home office. Once my 11am conference call ends, I am officially off the clock and starting my long weekend. I have some plans with a friend tomorrow, and lots of laziness planned for the rest of my (almost) four days off.

[TWO] In an effort for Justin to “get up and moving” (doctor’s orders), I have promised him that we would go out to dinner at least once a week so he’s not stuck at home all day, every day. On Monday we went out for some mexican food and followed it up with a trip to Target. It was nice to just go out and spend some time in the real world. A little date night to start of our week!

[THREE] We know that I love the Brain Candy Podcast, well at least you do if you read Saturday Share: Podcast Round Up last weekend. Well, in an effort to support their work, they are selling some pretty awesome gear on their website and yesterday I got my Nerdy by Nature tank top and rotten bananas pin. I was pumped when I saw the package on the counter. I may or may not have slept in my tank too!

[FOUR] I have been trading in my usual hours of television in the evening for listening to some podcasts as I relax at the end of the day. It’s actually been more relaxing than I had anticipated. It allows me to hang out in the same space as Justin, but we can be entertained separately, instead of sitting in different rooms watching different things. So, the majority of my evenings at home have been spent on the couch with the hubs!

[FIVE] I spent a lot of time this week focusing on new projects at work with some of my peers. It’s incredibly satisfying, after six years of doing the same kind of work that I am able to find new ways to do it! I get antsy when my work gets stagnant, I need to be challenged, need to build new skills, and need to progress. The fact that I am still able to do that with the same scope of work is pretty awesome!


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