Greektown Adventures & The End of September

how-to-designA couple of weeks ago, Justin and I agreed that we would incorporate more time out of the house into our routine. Not working and being home everyday was starting to get to him. Since then we’ve incorporated one night out for dinner each week, walks around the neighborhood, and Sunday afternoon dates. It’s not a world tour, but it’s something.

While most days I would prefer to sit at home, on my couch, enjoying the fall breeze through the windows, I’ve enjoyed our little adventures out into the world. Last weekend, we had lunch and lounged in leather recliners at our local movie theater, watching Snowden. While the movie wasn’t all that great, we enjoyed our afternoon out among the other earthlings.

Yesterday, we decided to get adventurous and we ventured the 30 minutes to downtown Detroit to visit the newly opened Wahlburgers that opened up in Greektown last month. I wasn’t sure what I had expected, but the weather was gorgeous, we had free parking, and the wait to get in took less than 15 minutes. We sat at the bar upstairs. The place was bustling with people, there were TVs going, and pictures of the Wahlburger family on every wall. One of my favorite seasonal beers, Perrin Blackberry IPA, was on tap, so I jumped at that as we pursued the menu. I opted for “The Our Burger” – a traditional cheese burger, government cheese to be exact, with lettuce, tomato, onion, homemade pickles, and Wahl-Sauce. It was marked “Paul’s Favorite” and as the driving force behind Wahlburgers, I decided it was only right to start there. With a burger and a side of sweet potato tots on the way, I was pumped. [For the record: Justin ordered “The Bacon BBQ Burger” and some Yukon Gold Fries.]


To say the burgers were good is an incredible understatement. It was easily the best burger I’ve ever had – one of the only culinary experiences I’ve had were each component in the dish melds together to make one well rounded taste. I didn’t taste individual components, just one well balanced burger that melted in my mouth. I was impressed.

After our little Greektown adventure, we headed back toward home to check off some of our weekly errands: dog food, cat litter, toilet paper, shampoo, and of course a new toy for the puppy who was [hopefully] waiting patiently at home. Our second Saturday afternoon adventure was a success and a nice way to end one week and begin the next.

September is my least favorite month of the year. It’s an incredibly busy month for me at work, and this year, in particular, would mean either the start to the transplant process or three more months of treatment for Justin. It’s a month of transition, and let’s face it, transition isn’t easy. There is one week left of September and I am more than excited to move into October, a new season, a new program year, the holiday season, and maybe feeling like myself again. My lack of motivation to write in September is hopefully winding down. Four posts in three weeks is how I want to use this space, so I anticipate that with the end of September that I might feel that pick up again. Five days and counting.

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