High Five for Friday: A Structure-Less Week

Whew. September has been rough, and this week was no different. I’m hopeful that October 1st will bring me a little relief, maybe that’s unrealistic, but I’m comfortable with some wishful thinking at this point. This week was incredibly odd, every single piece of structure I rely on, inevitably, ended up shifting just enough to throw me off. But, alas, here I am on Friday, September 30th, completely in control of my day…I hope. As always, there were some brighter spots throughout the last seven days, here are the top five!

High five for

[ONE] I am so grateful that my sister is a knowledgeable professional in the veterinary field. Bruno had not been acting his usual upbeat self for a few days and we thought it was because he might have a piece of plastic in his stomach after he went on a chewing binge with a screwdriver earlier in the week. My sister picked him up, took him to work with her, and had him checked out for us. It turns out he has bronchitis and possibly kennel cough, which I didn’t even realize was a thing. She did all of this while Justin and I were at the hospital, something that we would never be able to do without her. Bruno is on antibiotics and is on the mend, but we are forever grateful that my sister cares so much about the work that she does and helps us take care of our four-legged furry kids.

[TWO] After two weeks of unexpected issues with Justin’s treatment, his white blood cell counts were finally back to a normal range on Monday. Beyond normal, actually. It meant that he was approved to continue treatment, which was a relief. Even though they rescheduled his appointment, without telling us we were both excited to see the end to this roadblock and will be ready to get back to the usual routine next week. He even got the thumbs up to continue with his trip to Nashville for the weekend!

[THREE] Speaking of Nashville, Justin was up super early this morning, and started texting me knowing that I would be up enjoying my coffee by 6am. It was nice to chit chat with him while he’s hundreds of miles away as we both watched Morning Joe.

[FOUR] After reactivating my sciatic nerve pain early in the week, and Bruno’s bronchitis, I had to contact my supervisor to see if she would be willing to let me work from home for the rest of the week. Thankfully, she is incredibly understanding, was supportive and even apologized for the increasing rate of ridiculousness in my life. We couldn’t help but laugh as I described the series of events that pushed me toward working from home. Despite the pain, and a sick puppy, I was incredibly productive yesterday. The nice aspect of working from home is being able to tackle projects that you usually set aside to put out fires in the office. I could barely move, but I was busting through my to-do list all day long.

[FIVE] For the last 36 hours, Southeastern Michigan has been getting non-stop rain. Literally, it has not stopped for almost 2 days. When you’ve got a puppy who needs to get rid of some energy, that can be frustrating. Even though he’s not feeling well and sleeps most of the day right now, Bruno went through spurts of energy yesterday. Around lunch time, I decided both of us needed to get out of the house. I asked him if he wanted to go for a car ride and I’ve never seen him get so excited! We went to the post office to drop off a package and to the new Panera drive-thru close by to pick up lunch. He was so excited and observant of everything going on. He even got a treat from the girl running the drive-thru window! It was a great little break for both of us, even despite the never ending rain.

3 thoughts on “High Five for Friday: A Structure-Less Week

  1. Glad to hear Justin’s treatment is back on track and Bruno is on the mend too. Hope your October goes well and know your family is in my daily thoughts and prayers.

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