The Long Game

It has never been hard for me to find the motivation to start a new project. The beginning is usually the part that excites me, the initial rush of getting an idea and pushing it forward is an adrenaline rush. I will work for hours on a fresh idea, the excitement fuels my desire to create, the excitement also fuels my desire to share. I have no problem jumping the gun on publicizing my work just so I can get feedback and spread the excitement. I have been successfully functioning in this manner for the majority of my life, the downside is when a project is estimated to take an extended timeframe, or includes a lengthy preparation process, I am immediately disappointed. My engines are running, but I’m stuck in park. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Over time, mostly in the last year, I have started to develop my appreciation for looking ahead and taking each individual step intentionally and strategically. My need for instant gratification has not wavered, but I can see the benefit for a delicate process. In my attempt to create some branding for The Corner Office I was struggling with the long game. I can’t quite see the finished project, but I know it’s out there, and the road is unknown. My natural instinct says to bust it all out tonight – design a logo, a color scheme, purchase a WordPress domain name, select a new template, and write a blog post announcing all of the new things I would like to start to incorporate. The more rational part of me realizes that is crazy. I need to take inventory and create a project list so I can be strategic and thoughtful as I move forward. I still have that immature sense of disappointment that I can’t just jump in with both feet, but the more experienced adult in me knows that a slow process will create more opportunities for success.

I’m taking a leap. I’m putting my ideas out there without refining them, without a full plan, or an exact goal in mind. I’ll be opening up my brainstorming process for you to see, for better or for worse, I’ll be planning out loud. You might want to run for your life.

The Corner Office was not randomly chosen as the name for this blog, after spending nearly a year writing on “Still Standing” about my life post Justin’s cancer diagnosis, I decided it was time to shift focuses away from the wake that nine months of treatment left behind, and embrace my whole world. Around the same time, I was given two new small office spaces to make my own. One space was a tiny extra room in the corner of our new house, the second was my very first private office as a program manager. I now had two spaces to be creative in, to showcase all of the things that make me, well, me. Books, pictures, trinkets, markers, music, movies, white boards, and inspiration filled those two rooms, they were an inspiration for my small corner of the blogging world.  To me, an office is so much more than just a room where work is done. It’s a place to showcase your life, and to think about what’s next.

theThat same feeling I get when I spend time in my own little office spaces is what I want to inspire here with my writing. I want to create an environment to inspire people to be the best version of themselves by connecting them to people, ideas, and resources. It takes a commitment to remain rooted in the best version of yourself, but the good news is, no one can decide what that means, but you. Some of the topics I hope to explore, in addition to what you’ve come to expect, are creativity, self-care, gratitude, professionalism, health, and human connection.

Remember, I’m working a long game and I’ve started you all the way at the end with my overall mission, there’s no telling where we’ll end up, but I’m hoping we’ll have fun along the way. As always, thank you for reading, commenting, and encouraging, I wouldn’t be here without you.

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