The Nerdy Side of Low-Carb

Just like most of the world, I am no stranger to weight loss attempts. Low sugar, Weight Watchers, calorie counting, the list is endless. When my doctor gave me the choice between going on medication and starting a low-carb lifestyle, I opted for the low-carb lifestyle without hesitation. I am now rounding out the fourth week of this new lifestyle, a little lighter, maybe a tad cranky, but more aware of my body and what it needs.

In order to fully understand what is happening in my body and the science behind why a low-carb diet might be beneficial while also promoting weight loss.

Let’s get nerdy: carbohydrates turn into glucose in your body, high levels of glucose promotes the production of insulin which stores the glycogen to be later used for energy. When you limit the carbohydrates going into your body, you start to burn off the glycogen that is already stored and then your body turns to the fat next. Essentially, eating a low-carb diet is the epitome of using food for fuel.

Without a doubt, the low-carb diet has had the most impact on not only my body, but also my level of awareness for how my body is functioning. Currently, I am eating approximately 100 grams of carbohydrates a day. I am no longer hungry all the time, I don’t need overly sweet food to satisfy me, starchy foods don’t taste as good as I remember them, and I can actually feel and sense how my body is using the food I provide to fuel it.

Overall impact in weeks one – four: within the first 10 days, I lost 9 pounds, actual weight loss slowed dramatically once the water weight was gone and my body adjusted to the new food intake. I do still miss the foods that were my favorites, but that is getting better as I am finding new foods to satisfy that desire. One odd negative is that muscle aches and pains can occur with low-carb diets, one night this week I woke up with a terrible charlie horse in my leg, it lasted about 10 minutes, otherwise I haven’t experienced any bad side effects.

Finding new recipes and foods to enjoy has been one of my favorite aspects of this new adventure. My last shared recipe was Baked Eggs and Sweet Potato Hash. Today, I’d like to share my latest creation: Meatball Lasagna Zucchini Boats! Remember, I am not a chef and I don’t keep track of measurements, I am a quick and easy cook so feel free to get fancy!



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