Lists & Links

One of the most difficult aspects of blogging is to decide what warrants a full blog post and what is just a little random nerdity I want to share. Over the weeks I have cultivated a nice little list of things just waiting for the right opportunity to share.

My most logical solution = create a category for sharing those with you.

And Lists & Links were born!


With the launch of the TCO Instagram profile (@TCOBlog), I have been anxiously contemplating adding to my InstaStory. I am so nervous to open up like that – in a raw space without the filter of being able to edit my words as I go. But, the prospect of chatting with all of you is so appealing! I’ll push through and get there sometime soon!

A Bragging Point – Justin and I have been spending more time in our living room lately, with the Christmas tree lighting up the room it feels extra cozy. When he wants to play his video games he automatically begins playing my favorite artist through the system so we can continue to sit together. It’s nice to be spending time in the same room, but also focusing on things individually.

I found my favorite Keurig K-Cup while grocery shopping his week and I have been unashamedly favoring it every morning! I’m already almost out! Santa, if you’re reading this I wouldn’t be mad if some ended up in my stocking!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my relationship with religion – after some soul searching, I decided I needed to explore it a little more and to do so I purchased one of the Lara Casey Write the Word Journals – a guided scripture journal. You write down the scripture listed, things you’re grateful for that day, and then your thoughts. I did my first entry this week and was actually pleasantly surprised at my ability to reflect without being judgemental. I was engaged in the content and am looking forward to my next entry.

A Secret – I have this huge goal that I’m afraid to even say out loud. It’s outrageous, unrealistic, and not very original. I want to have my own podcast. (Typing doesn’t count as speaking out loud, does it?) – I know of no one of interest that would want to be interviewed and most certainly don’t have enough to say to warrant a podcast but it’s my super-duper, top secret, crazy goal.



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