Attack the Day with Enthusiasm!

Three years ago, after spending my holiday break from work thinking about how to improve the morale of my team, I pushed myself a little outside of my usual mode of operation with a weekly motivational e-mail. I wrote about it as one of my 5 Easy Team Building Activities You Can Implement Today!

Last week while we were discussing moving forward in the new year I asked my staff if they felt the Monday e-mails were worth my time, specifically if it would make a difference if I DIDN’T continue to send them. With smirks on their faces, they told me how much they depend on them to start their week off right – they miss the e-mail when I miss a week, and look forward to seeing it pop in their inbox.

I had been thinking previously about publishing Monday Motivational posts here on The Corner Office, and the kind words and encouragement from my team were just the right amount of inspiration I needed. So, starting today, I will be writing two Motivational Monday pieces – one for them and one for you! As I tell my team, sharing your “attitude of gratitude” items for the week is never required, but always encouraged!

I hope you attack the day and week with enthusiasm! Happy Monday!



4 thoughts on “Attack the Day with Enthusiasm!

      1. Well thanks for “poking”! It’s defaintly a work in progress and something I’ve kinda of neglected in 2016. But hope to make improvements moving forward into 2017! Look forward to your Monday motivation pieces;)

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