Mondays Are for Motivation (and coffee)!

There’s tons of negativity associated with Monday, specifically a Monday morning. I get it – you just had a great weekend and chances are you’d rather be at home than heading into a new week at work, I’ve been there. But Mondays can be about so much more! Monday morning is the jumpstart of your week, giving you an opportunity to set yourself up for success. Mondays are for Motivation (and coffee)!

I hope you take the time this morning to plan out your week ahead, write down things you’re grateful for, and identify what you’re excited about. I guarantee by doing those things you’ll feel a little more pumped to attack this week ahead! You got this!

I am excited for January's blog stats! It is my first month intentionally tracking goals and I can't wait to see this awesome month in numbers! (#nerdalert)-2.png

Don’t forget to share your attitude of gratitude and excitement with me on any of my social media platforms or via e-mail! I’d love to support you as you go through your week!


4 thoughts on “Mondays Are for Motivation (and coffee)!

  1. I am grateful to have today off! I am grateful to have Wednesday off! I am grateful to be having lunch with you 🙂 I am grateful for a wonderful, relaxing weekend with my family! I am excited about my long day tomorrow, packed with programming. I am excited about our GIANT super saturday training, looking forward to seeing how successful it is. I am excited about how happy my body is with how I have been intentionally fueling it since the start of the year. I also am excited that Paul took a smoothie to work today for the first time! Hopefully he likes it enough to keep it up.

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  2. Just found you through Dream Big, Dream Often, and I have to say your enthusiasm is infectious. It’s lovely to see such unabashed energy. I’m a bit of Monday apologist myself, but I may be biased towards it as a day where I eat inordinate amounts and recover from practice.

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    1. Haha! Well thank you! I have to remind myself (constantly) that it’s easier to be positive than negative so I can push through those not so enthusiastic days. Thanks for checking out TCO!

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