Mondays are for HOPE!

Even in the midst of the worst weeks, you can always muster up a enough energy to be grateful and hopeful! Mondays are full of hope and opportunity. It’s a fresh start and a new bundle of days to make your dreams come true!

Last week was a little odd for me, my schedule was off, I caught a cold, multiple doctor appointments, and a huge lack of motivation resulting from the previous three things. This week will be no different, except hopefully, my cold will be gone! Another week of goofy schedules, doctor appointments, and finally, Justin’s admission to the BMT unit for his transplant. We’re excited, that after a year in the wait, that he is finally moving to the next stage in treatment. It will be the biggest fight of his life, but we’re ready.

Mondays are hopeful little things. What are you grateful for today? What’s got you excited for the week ahead? Tell me! Let me support you throughout the week!

I am excited for January's blog stats! It is my first month intentionally tracking goals and I can't wait to see this awesome month in numbers! (#nerdalert)-3.png

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