High Five for Friday: Walks, Yoga, and Beaches, OH MY!

Many moons ago (2012, to be exact), I started participating in a weekly blog “link up” called High Five for Friday. Over time the link up fizzled out, but I continue to love the idea of celebrating the high points for the week so I am trying to get back into the groove of blogging by going old school: it’s time for High Five for Friday!


[ONE] While I had to work over the holiday weekend, I was also able to spend some much-needed time hanging out at home with my pup! Justin went camping with his family in their new RV, and for the first time in over seven months we were apart for more than 18 hours. I was nervous, but he had an amazing time and that allowed me to sit back, relax, and enjoy my weekend at home. I hung out with my parents, took walks with Bruno, went on a couple of mini road trips (like, 15-20 miles), cleaned, did laundry, and just spent time vegging. The weekend apart was definitely something I needed to help kick some of my daily anxiety around Justin’s health. He managed to survive four days without me hovering so I suppose he can manage at home while I’m at work.

[TWO] The weather in the Detroit was gorgeous over the weekend, just cool enough to turn off the air and enjoy the breeze through the open windows. Perfect sleeping weather, if you ask me. All I needed was a lake in the woods and I would have been in heaven!

[THREE] For the last month or so, on days when I am home in the morning, I have taken an early morning walk around my neighborhood. Usually lasting about 45 minutes, I plug in my earbuds so I can listen to my favorite podcasts and just wander around the streets of my hood. It’s been amazing to get out, get some exercise, and fresh air in the morning when my anxiety tends to be at its peak. I’ve even taken a few pit stops at my parent’s house for early morning chit chats with my dad and their cats. It’s one of my favorite new habits!

[FOUR] I have officially fallen in love with yoga! I started taking classes through a program at work last year, and signed up again earlier this summer. The summer session is still a beginner class, however it’s much more intensive than what I had done previously. It’s amazing how stretching and holding different poses works your body and mind. I walk away feeling relaxed, sore (in the best way), and clear – I completely recommend it!

[FIVE] One of my favorite parts of my job is to do quarterly team retreats where I take my staff off-site from some Forced Family Fun on a Friday afternoon. We eat, we play games, we write cards of gratitude to each other, and just enjoy our time rather than focusing on the grind of our work. Today is the first Forced Family Fun day since I’ve been back in the office and I am taking them to the beach! We’re going to kick back, relax, and just chill out. Yesterday, I spent some time putting together their gifts and it was so nice to be gearing up for another one of these retreats. It’s so fun to spoil my team every once and a while!

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