Gratitude and a Good Weekend

It had been nine weeks since I didn’t have any type of moving on my agenda. For over two months, if I wasn’t at home packing up our own belongings I was with my mother helping to pack up and move my grandma. This past weekend was the first time, in a long time, that I didn’t feel guilty for not doing anything. If I wanted to take a nap, I did. If I wanted to lay on the couch and watch endless episodes of One Tree Hill on Netflix, you better believe I did. Oddly enough, I found that my weekend was packed with generosity, pampering, family, cooking, and preparing for a full week back in the real world.

In March I wrote about a personality assessment I took at work and how I was surprised to see the connection between my conscientious – dominant personality and my struggles to accept help from the people around me as Justin and I navigate this new life of ours. The struggle hasn’t changed. I push myself to be open, ultimately vulnerable, so that I can accept generosity and support. With the help of some incredibly supportive friends I opened up myself to accept support from my family at work. For months my friends have been planning a “Stuff a Freezer” campaign at work where people can donate food to our new freezer – also supplied by my friend. Friday was my first Food Friday, I was shocked by the generosity of the small group of people that were contacted, and our freezer is, indeed, stuffed. There is a variety of home cooked meals, frozen pizzas, meats, vegetables, gift cards, and cards that came home with me, filling our kitchen and supplementing our grocery shopping trips. It is incredibly comforting to know that I don’t have to have a meal planned every day, my work family have taken care of that for me.

thank you

As I sat at my kitchen table last night, writing out thank you cards for all of the people that supported the “stuffing” of our freezer I just felt so grateful. Grateful for friends that think of ways to support you, for people that took time (and money) out of their week to help, and for the comfort that comes from knowing people have your back. I wish that I had more to give back than just a card, but I’ll be waiting for the day that I can repay their kindness.


Starting off my weekend with such remarkable generosity provided the springboard for great couple of days. In addition to celebrating Mother’s Day, Justin and I also celebrated our sixth anniversary. While we have only been married for six years, we have been together for the better part of the last thirteen. Sometimes it seems as though we have been married forever and other times I6years wonder where the years have gone. We have been through more than our share together and it seems only fitting that as we finally start settling into our new home and routine that we celebrate our marriage. In the midst of celebrating Mother’s Day, cooking, cleaning, and running errands, we just had fun with each other. We found small ways to enjoy each other’s company and the life we’ve built together. For a little while, it was just us, the same two kids that decided to fall in love all those years ago.

I would say the one thing we needed after the last couple of months is a good weekend that was just refreshing and focused on spending time with each other while getting comfortable in our new space and new routine.

Here’s hoping a good weekend is the jumpstart to a good week.



High Five for Friday: A Little Bit of Spring

It’s been a cold, dreary week in southeast Michigan. It’s made the last five days drag on like being shackled to a brick wall while trying to run a marathon. Today, it seems, that even though it’s a chilly 36 degrees outside, the sun is shining and the birds are flying around my front window. It’s a welcome dose of Vitamin D.

I opted to work from home today as I had no meetings on my agenda but a mountain of reporting due by the end of the day. I’ve been sluggish on my progress on these reports all week, we’ve moved to a new database for our program and I feel like an idiot trying to figure out how to run reports on this new platform. I’m gaining my ground and have actually found some awesome reports that will help me as I move forward as well. It’s shaping up to be a productive day.


Even though it’s been a quicksand filled week, here’s the top five!

  1. Monday was my monthly dinner with my mom, sister, and aunt. We went BBQ this week and I enjoyed a delicious steak, some potatoes, and some banana cream pie! It was just a few days before my mom’s 60th birthday so we celebrated too. Even though the way this restaurant celebrates is rather odd, we had fun! Mom was forced to walk into the middle of the restaurant, by herself, while a waitress yelled throughout the room for everyone to stop and say “Happy Birthday” to mom. She was mortified. We thought it was hilarious.
  2. Tuesday was thirteen years since Justin and I started dating. We tend not to celebrate that anniversary anymore, I’m not sure he even realized it was April 5th or that it had any significance. We “celebrated” by getting smoothies and wraps for dinner and going grocery shopping. It was a wild and crazy night.
  3. My mom’s actual birthday was Wednesday, Justin and I joined her and my dad for dinner at Chili’s. Dad and I both had the prime rib tacos and they were absolutely delicious! Apparently there was a lot of steak in my week! I wrote about my mom on Wednesday.
  4. We’ve been snacking on some Germack trail mix this week. It’s so delicious! Ours came from QVC, at Justin’s request, but I know you can get Germack products online and in some speciality stores. Get some.
  5. I don’t think I’d be doing this afternoon justice without making today’s sunshine part of my H54F. I’ve got two assistants helping me work through my reports and to-do lists, both of which are not holding up their end of the bargain. One is sleeping and the other is bird watching. Not a bad way to end a sluggish week!