Saturday Share: Unfocused

img_1100It’s our last installment of the 3 Quote Challenge. 3 quotes, 3 posts, 3 nominations.

If you’re just joining us, I have been cheating and instead of nominating individuals, encouraging everyone that is interested in participating to do so. WEEK ONE focused on some of my favorite quotes in television and WEEK TWO focused on some of my favorite music lyrics. Today, my friends, I’m going UNFOCUSED with just some of my favorite words I’ve found while browsing the web.


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Again, breaking the rules: if you have some words that you’d like to share while browsing the web, I nominate YOU.

And, with that, we have completed the 3 Quote Challenge – Thanks again, Stephanie for the nomination!

Saturday Share: Lyrics

Music really is a magical thing. It has the power to bring out emotions in individuals, bring people together, and physically relax someone – mind, body, and soul. I have always been a fan of all kinds of music: classic rock, alternative, pop, rap, rhythm and blues, motown, etc. I certainly can appreciate a collection of sounds and words that create a connection with someone using only one of their senses.

Last week I posted the first of three parts for the 3 Quote Challenge by sharing some of my favorite television quotes. This week, I’ll be continuing the challenge with 3 of my favorite music lyrics.

Thanks Wikipedia for the photo!
“And I’m alive
And I don’t need a witness
To know that I survived
I’m not looking for forgiveness
I just need light
I need light in the dark as I search for the resolution” – Jack’s Mannequin, The Resolution

It’s no shock that I love Jack’s Mannequin and Andrew McMahon. It was actually incredibly difficult to pick just one quote from one song to highlight – I could do a whole 3 Quote Challenge on his music.


1222141411 (1)“You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one.” – John Lennon, Imagine

It’s a classic, there’s no doubt about it. It’s likely that most of the world knows the words to the song Imagine. The picture, while not the best, is a piece I painted for my sister a few years ago with the lyrics to the song.


wedding“All the things that you will do
And now I’m standing next to you
And darling I will see you through the rest of our lives
With you beside me I have won
I’m glad I’ve waited for so long
There is no doubt that you are the one
For me
You are the love of my life
You are the love of my life” – Michelle Featherstone, Man and Wife

This was the song Justin and I danced to at our wedding reception. It’s awkward to dance in front of a room full of people, but I loved listening to this song as we celebrated our new marriage.

Music is pretty awesome. If you’re a music fan, I want to hear your favorite lyrics! If you’re reading and want to share – JOIN THE CHALLENGE!

Next week – the final post for the 3 Quote Challenge.

Saturday Share: Quotes in TV

The Corner Office (1)I’m back! Vacation was amazing, I was happy to spend six days disconnected, relaxing, and enjoying my family. I am happy to be home, sleeping in my own bed and reconnected with the world. I really did miss staying in touch with my blogging community while I was away – I had very little cell service so WordPress wouldn’t load my reader. I’ll be spending some time catching up!

Apparently, while I was gone, Stephanie at Making Time for Me nominated me to participate in the 3 Quote Challenge. 3 days, 3 quotes, 3 nominated bloggers each post. I’m going to go rogue and spread it out a little bit. Keep you on your toes!

For the record, here are the rules of the game:

  • I will post 3 new quotes on a variety of topics each day for three days, maybe in a row, maybe not so in a row.
  • I will nominate 3 new bloggers each day for three days, or when I post other quotes
  • Thank the lovely writer who challenged you
  • Let the bloggers you have challenged, know about it 

Thank you Steph for the nomination, it was just the push I needed to get back to the routine of blogging. It allowed me to get something posted that I was excited about, without having to write all of the posts that were circulating in my head while I was on vacation.

I love quotes. Mainly from my favorite television shows, books, movies, songs, etc. I like when someone’s art resonates with me. So, for day one, I picked some of my favorite quotes from my favorite television shows.

somebody told me“Somebody told me that this is the place where everything’s better and everything’s safe.” – One Tree Hill (Originally from Toad the Wet Sprocket’s Walk on the Ocean)

When moving week came, this card was attached to a beautiful and incredibly thoughtful gift that my friend gave me. I had written the post Home, about finally moving back to the neighborhood I grew up in. I was finally home again.



this one
Photo from: The Odyssey Online
“Four years ago, I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl who had a boyfriend. I had to do the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do which was just to wait. For a really long time that’s all I had. I just had little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl who I worked with but I think even then I knew I was waiting for my wife.” -Jim Halpert, The Office

I mean, come on! That one is self explanatory.

ww“This guy’s walking down a street when he falls in a hole. The walls are so steep, he can’t get out. A doctor passes by, and the guy shouts up, “Hey you, can you help me out?” The doctor writes a prescription, throws it down in the hole and moves on. Then a priest comes along, and the guy shouts up “Father, I’m down in this hole, can you help me out?” The priest writes out a prayer, throws it down in the hole and moves on. Then a friend walks by. “Hey Joe, it’s me, can you help me out?” And the friend jumps in the hole. Our guy says, “Are you stupid? Now we’re both down here.” The friend says, “Yeah, but I’ve been down here before, and I know the way out.”” – Leo McGarry, The West Wing

I’ve always loved this scene in the show and the meaning behind this story. It’s about people having each other’s back, supporting each other and moving forward as a unit. In a time of uncertainty, personal crisis, and stress Leo reassures Josh that he is a part of this team.  The following piece of dialog is: “As long as I got a job, you got a job, you understand?”

And there you have it! 3 Quote Challenge – Day One.

However, I’m going to cheat a little and say: If you’re reading this and you have some quotes you want to share – participate! I nominate YOU!

Stalling the Finish Line

I’ve been stalling.

Almost nine weeks ago, I signed up for my first blogging challenge. I had witnessed a few from afar by reading posts and themes, but I had never before committed my writing to a particular theme or person. I had very little expectation for what this would do for me, beyond meeting new bloggers and just extending my circle in this world a little bit. What I ended up walking away with was so much more.

But still, I’ve been stalling.

revofkindnessThe seventh and final week of the Kindness Challenge was to focus on secret kindness, to spread kindness without mentioning it in conversation, to just put kindness out in the universe and watch the natural ripple effect that occurs. For the first time in those seven weeks, I had decided that I would move forward without a plan. I wouldn’t plan how to be kind, I wouldn’t go out looking for the bloggable moment to share. I wanted to just live, and when the opportunities presented themselves to be kind, to do more, to be the best version of myself, I took them. No questions asked. It was, by far the easiest week of the challenge, the previous six weeks had prepared me to live in this way, the most challenging part of my final week participating was that I’m not even allowed to blog about the actual kindness “tasks” that happened. It forced me to even rethink the words I would use to describe the actions that took place.

Of all the words, all the sentences, all the posts that came to my head, it all boiled down to one word: happy. I spent that week being happy, feeling loved by those that I purposefully was kind to, I remained positive when my natural inclination would be to be negative, I was calm, I was helpful, I saw some of my relationships strengthen in a matter of days, I was just happier.

But yes, I was stalling. I was stalling because I wasn’t ready for the challenge to be over. Writing this post and sharing my final reflection was the one thing I had to hold onto and force myself to keep moving forward in this mindset. Once I hit publish, I have no anchor to keeping my focus, no task at hand. I just have to live and keep it moving myself. I can no longer depend on Niki to give me a prompt for the week, to check in with me, and to ask questions that make me think deeper. I had to do all of that on my own and I wasn’t entirely sure I trusted myself to do it.

In the last two weeks I’ve been both successful and challenged in my quest to keep moving forward, acting with kindness. It was obvious to both myself, and those around me when I was feeling challenged by it, and incredibly obvious to me when I was feeling successful. It was now up to me to notice the difference and make the choice as to which road I would take. I will continue to look at the inspirational people in my life that I use as pillars of kindness, the people that have somehow managed to make this a part of their personality naturally. They will be my yardstick for measuring my success, and I will keep moving forward.

I want to finish with my appreciation for Niki, who put together this challenge and did an amazing job facilitating conversation and insight throughout the entire process. I don’t think you realized the impact that this would have on so many people when you had your initial thought to put it together. I applaud your courageousness for doing it, and your engagement with each of us throughout the process. Thank you for spreading kindness.


The Bystander & The Husband

A little over a year ago, I was struggling with the emotional state of my team at work. We were getting work done, but not necessarily meshing as a group of people and I wasn’t actively spending time cultivating our relationship as a team. I wasn’t sure where to turn as a manager, I felt like I was failing them, and ultimately, myself.

In an effort to not spend everyday in the office in misery, I sought out inspiration on the internet. I watched YouTube videos, searched endlessly on Pinterest, and read books on how to break bad team dynamics. Slowly, I became inspired and started to devise a plan that I would implement as soon as I returned from a vacation. I started a Pinterest board called “Moving Forward –>” (Yes, the arrow is included). The board had developed into a place where I would keep pictures, quotes, and motivation that later would be sent to my team in the form of a “Motivational Monday” e-mail. It was a little high on the cheese-o-meter for my personal taste, but I figured a little cheese never hurt anyone.

Together, we decided that one consistent aspect of our weekly e-mails would be listing three things that we are grateful for. I start with my Monday e-mail and, when they feel like sharing, the team hits “reply all” to share their three things as well. Ultimately, starting our week by focusing on what we’re grateful for.

Over a year later and, for the most part, those e-mails go out every Monday morning. It isn’t always easy, I’ve run out of stuff to fill up the space with, sometimes I’m not in the motivational mood, I run out of time in the morning, or just felt like it didn’t matter anyway, but with the exception of a few weeks, I have been very diligent with making sure that e-mail goes out. Whether it actually motivates anyone is not for me to say. No one has complained yet – at least not to me.

revofkindnessPersonally, by starting my week with listing out three things that I am grateful for, it has forced me to be more intentional with reflecting on gratitude, I now have a more natural inclination to recognize my sparked gratitude. So, when I read the focus of Week 5 of the Kindness Challenge, I knew I was equipped to accomplish my goals.

Usually, when I am listing out the three things I am grateful for each week they are relatively simple things, I don’t go too deep with them, I try to remain professional, but I tend to keep a balance between little, silly things (coffee), and personal, important things (family). I tried to focus more on the latter last week. There were numerous points in the last eight days when I said to myself “Grateful!” – there were so many moments that felt special and I was appreciative to be a part of them. As I ran down the list of “Gratefuls” I started noticing a pattern, most of them fit into one of two categories:

  1. Moments between other people that I witnessed from afar
  2. Justin

One of the aspects of the Kindness Challenge that I have appreciated over the last five weeks is that our challenge was not structured to just focus on ourselves. It wasn’t just about the kindness that I put out into the world, but also about observing kindness around me. That experience seemed be the most influential, it forced me to observe the people around me in a meaningful way, to think about kindness outside of the four walls that I tend to put everything in. Now, several weeks later, I have noticed that I have clung to that concept, only now I tend to notice them without making a conscious effort.

The one moment I was grateful to witness that stuck with me the most happened on Friday. I, for the first time ever, was responsible for facilitating a parent-child interaction group. I have managed to go six years and three promotions without having to facilitate this particular kind of activity. I volunteered to be the lead staff member on-site so that my team could have a couple of extra days off after traveling. I was happy to do it, but not necessarily excited about it, it just isn’t in my wheelhouse. I had a room full of parents and young children swirling around me, I was aimlessly walking throughout the room just making sure that I was engaging with each family. At one point I felt comfortable taking a step back and just observing the room as a whole. I slowly paned the clumps of people, ending my sights on a mom and her three year old son. He was sitting in a little kid chair, mom was crouched down beside him. From what I could gather, he was asking her when it would be time to go home and what they would be doing for the rest of the day. They had a calm and loving conversation about their agenda, kissed and she rested her head on his. At that moment he wrapped his arm around her face just embracing their moment together. They sat there, still, for a few moments before the graham cracker he was munching on fell apart to the floor. Mom and little man just laughed and broke apart to continue with the group. In those few minutes that I was able to observe their quick interaction, I felt so grateful to bear witness to their love and kindness toward each other. It’s comical that something that has nothing to do with me, and quite honestly borders on me looking like a creeper, had an emotional impact for a bystander across the room.

I suppose that’s the point of all of this though: putting kindness out into the universe can spread to other people, eventually coming back to you. Imagine what we could accomplish if we all took a little more time to absorb the kindness that is out in the world and less time absorbing the negativity that seems to be so readily available.

Early on in the week I started to pick up on the fact that I was racking up a list of moments with Justin that I was grateful for and that gratitude kept building throughout the week. Justin and I have been together for over thirteen years, and we were friends for about four years before that. At this point there is very little mystery in our relationship, we understand each other more than we understand ourselves on occasion. I found that Justin surprised me a few times last week, which is something to be grateful for in itself. Since moving into our new home, we have made it a point to try and eat dinner together, at the dining room table every night. No dinners in front of the television, just us, our meal, and conversation. One night we ended up talking about marriage, and the kind of work that goes into deciding to fight for your partnership, every single day. We laughed, and poked fun at each other a couple of times, but the conversation was real, we were saying real things that we probably hadn’t said to each other in a while. He said things that I so desperately needed to hear, and I said things that I so desperately needed to say to him. We took the opportunity to build each other up instead of focusing on the mundane, frustrating, and difficult aspects of keeping a marriage alive. I was so proud of who we have become, as a team.

Through the last five weeks I have learned a lot about myself and what kindness means to me in a practical sense. It takes courage to be kind, to be open and vulnerable. I have developed a greater appreciation for the people in my life that are genuinely kind, those are the people that I have gravitated toward as I have pushed forward with this challenge. I have found a confidence and sense of calm as I know my words and actions are rooted in kindness, I don’t second guess my intentions. I have become more selective with the qualities that I look for in the people I surround myself with, and I have started, organically, initiating kindness that never would have crossed my mind previously. I had no idea what to expect when I took this journey, I figured, at the very least, it gave me a weekly blog post to keep up with. What I’ve gotten is so much more valuable than seven blog posts, and there’s still two weeks to go.

The UnProfound One


One could say I have been existing in a vegetative state over the last few days. Oddly, the open week I’ve had, both at work and at home, has caused some sort of breakdown between my brain and my body. I’ll think of something to do, to write, to say, and it seems by the time my brain has sent that message to my limbs a fog has descended. My mind is working over time thinking of all of the things that I’ve wanted to accomplish, I’ll even go as far as preparing for action, and…nothing.

I wouldn’t even categorize the last few days as bad days. I’ve smiled, laughed, gotten a few things done, relaxed, and visited with some of my favorite people. So, in an effort to force the fog to lift, I’m going to finally finish this post, which I have started a remarkable six times. I may or may not say profound, thoughtful things. There’s no telling what’s in store for you, especially if I decide to take another 37 minute break in between paragraphs.

There has always been an anxiety living inside of me that comes to a head when I have unplanned interactions and conversations with people I am not fully comfortable with. An odd fear of small talk, awkward pauses in conversation, ruining a first impression, or just being put in a situation where I have no exit strategy. I enjoy spending time with myself, being able to process the thoughts in my head, taking time to be creative, recharging my batteries, disconnecting from the outside world, and just focusing on my inner circle of family and friends. A true introvert I am. I don’t hate people, I am not cold, bitchy, rude, or withdrawn. Lately, it seems as though being an introvert is very trendy. Hipsters across the land are wearing their skinny jeans, plugging their ears with iPhone earbuds, whining about their social anxiety. Finally! I am on trend! This is one of those instances when a sarcasm font would be most helpful.

revofkindnessTwo weeks ago, Niki announced the task at hand for week four of the Kindness Challenge: take your kindness to others. It’s not like I hadn’t expected for the challenge to include some practice at some point, but I just wasn’t as excited as in previous weeks. I wanted to practice being kind, but it is so out of character for me to go out of my way to do some random acts of kindness, or what I was picturing as big, dramatic gestures for people I don’t necessarily know. I wanted to do something that I knew I could maintain, because, after all, is that the point to doing something like this? To think think about what kindness means to you, and to find ways to incorporate it into your life in a way that allows you to keep it flowing through your daily life? Maintenance is the goal.

In true introvert fashion, I thought about my options, imagined what my week looked like and what was most practical to set myself up for success. Sometimes it’s exhausting to be so introspective (and trendy). I decided I wanted to focus more on incorporating kindness to others in the form of eye contact, greetings, and just general positive interactions that I normally would not think to initiate.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it”…

It wasn’t difficult, incredibly easy, actually. It’s not hard to just be nice to people, to hold a door open, to surrender your seat in a crowded waiting room, to stay the extra minute to listen to a story, to make eye contact and genuinely ask someone how their day is going. What was more striking is how doing those things actually made me more happy and kind to myself as I went through my week. That stream of kindness that I was putting out into the universe boomeranged back to me in the form of reciprocation. It’s human nature to be kind to those that are kind to you. The cycle just keeps going. It was oddly comforting to know that you can put just as much energy into being kind to others as you can being kind to yourself, but when you’re focusing on pushing that outward, you get something in return. Two birds, one stone.

This week, Kindness Challengers are encouraged to practice gratitude for the kind things that others have done throughout the week. I already know what I’m going to share with you from this week. I better get started now, as at this point it may take me a week to tell you the story.


Kindness: A Broader Definition

revofkindnessDoing all things with kindness, putting my energy and focus on using kindness as a foundation for my week, that’s was the challenge put before for week 3 of the Kindness Challenge. Truthfully, I struggled. While, I don’t think I did anything that would be considered “unkind” I found myself feeling frustrated looking for the kind response to the world around me. I tried everything I could think of: practicing conversations in my head, taking deep breaths, listening to understand – not to respond, space, and even looking up synonyms for kindness to spark my inspiration.

Affection, warmth, gentleness, concern, care, consideration, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, unselfishness, selflessness, altruism, compassion, sympathy, understanding, hospitality, neighborliness, and generosity.

I suppose, that if you look at kindness with a broader definition, it’s a little easier to build that foundation for your life. Once I realized just how diverse kindness could look like, a sense of calm came over me and stayed with me throughout the week. Knowing that the energy that I put out into the universe was, indeed, kind built my confidence in my interactions with everyone around me. By responding with kindness, it took away the question that I tend to ask myself as to whether or not my actions, words, or reactions were founded in selfishness. I knew they weren’t because I took the time to focus on my intention. Funny how a little kindness that is directed at others can help to build a sense of calm and confidence in yourself.

Next up for the Kindness Challenge: Kindness in ACTION!