Girls Weekend Hangover

Vacation is exhausting. Well, a weekend of laughing, drinking, eating, and laying in the sun is exhausting. Girls Weekend is one of my favorite events of the year, for ten years I have gone up north with all of the women from my mom’s family to spend four days in the woods being nothing short of crazy.

Emily Laura JodyI thoroughly enjoyed my weekend, for the first time in a long time I wasn’t attached to my cell phone and didn’t feel the need to take a thousand pictures of our experience. I was just immersed in the people around me, catching up with their lives, and enjoying our time together. I don’t have crazy stories to share, because we don’t do that. We keep our experiences to ourselves and secretly trade them back and forth throughout the year. But for me, girls weekend was:

  • Making music videos in the car to Janet Jackson with my mom
  • Eating the family recipe coffee cake…too much coffee cake
  • Sleeping until noon so we can stay up until 2am
  • Selfies
  • Talking about butts, boobs, poop, and the like
  • Scavenger hunts around the lake
  • Laughing until your entire body hurts
  • Beer, margaritas, and sangria slushies
  • Serious life conversations while floating in the lake
  • Water shooter fights…in my clothes
  • Moms making sex jokes to their kids just to hear them groan
  • Homemade soft pretzels
  • Running around town in matching, homemade t-shirts
  • Bags of homemade swag and gifts
  • And four days of feeling connected, supported, and loved by a crazy group of women

As you can imagine, I am exhausted. Those four days are so outside of my usual routine that I was exhausted by day 2. It’s a busy work week for me so I was back to the grind yesterday, with a grant proposal to write, mid-year reviews for staff to start, and a million other little projects to do before this week ends, I sequestered myself into a vacant office and pushed through the Girls Weekend Hangover. A lunch of fattoush and hummus, courtesy of my boss didn’t hurt either.

July is an odd month for us, weeks where we are home, we are preparing for our next trip. Both Justin and I were gone for a portion of last week, to come home and spend this week preparing for our vacation in the Upper Peninsula with my parents that starts in just five days. Six days of lounging in a hammock by the lake is just what the doctor ordered.


Throwback Thursday: Alert the Authorities!

You'realwayswith meToday, as I sit here, half awake, sipping my coffee and watching my usual morning news I am filled with anticipation for what has become one of my favorite events of the year.

It’s Girls Weekend!

One weekend, every year, women with suitcases full of crazy supplies, travel toward northern Michigan to spend four days laughing, catching up, being crazy, and relaxing. It is usually the only time of the year that we are all together. We plan for months to celebrate our relationships with each other, it is an import part of our lives.

For this year, in particular, I am in desperate need of this weekend, to spend time with some of my absolute favorite people and let them build me up again. In about four hours I will be getting in the car, driving the four blocks to pick up my mother and we will be hitting the road for our restorative four days in the woods.

So, in honor of my morning of anticipation and packing, let’s throw it back today to TWO posts on previous Girls Weekends. Last year’s post The Parade and 2014’s Hazy, Crazy, Lazy Days of Summer.

Alert the authorities, the ladies are on their way!