I am excited. Like, nerdy, giggling, clapping my hands at 5:30am excited!

I have been following some of my favorite blogs for years, longer than I have been writing myself. With the growth of social media my connection to those people has just grown exponentially. I look to them for inspiration, they keep me thinking big about TCO, and they push me to think outside of my comfort zone. But they also give me unrealistic expectations for who I want have to be in order to be engaging and create an online community as a blogger. For the last year I have been trying so desperately to fit into the mold my favorite bloggers have created, but here’s the thing:

I am not like them. And I have decided that’s okay.

I am not an accomplished photographer, or event planner, or creative entrepreneur. I don’t travel around the world and write about it on my MacBook Pro while taking perfectly curated photos of my life. However, if anyone wanted to remedy that MacBook Pro part, I wouldn’t be mad. I don’t walk around in my $50 leggings and shop at Target everyday. I don’t have kids or a perfectly girly workspace that I use.

I am me. I am a homebody, someone who enjoys my work in the nonprofit field, loves to be creative and write about my life. I am a wife, I married my best friend at the age of 25. I live in the same neighborhood I grew up in and enjoy spending my weekends on the couch binging on whatever Netflix show I am currently obsessed with. I can go days without getting out of my pajamas, and am comfortable with my flaws.

I am done perpetuating the idea that everything has to fit into a single mold to be beautiful or right, and I am most certainly done trying to make my life fit into a mold that doesn’t support who I am. Life is messy. Messy is beautiful. Messy is real. And that’s how I am moving forward – letting go of the 2016 version of myself, so desperately trying to make the wrong filter work for my life.

I am me, I am going to DO ME. I encourage each and every one of you to DO YOU! Do what makes you different, happy, and keeps you excited everyday as you move forward through your life. Be imperfect, be silly, be messy. Be YOU.


In an effort to DO ME, I have been working behind the scenes for the last two months on some goals for The Corner Office Blog. I started with a domain name –> Next was a brand board and logo, custom images for posts, a defined mission and vision, a new blog template, about me page, and now…


Instagram is, without a doubt, my favorite social media platform. I am a visual person and love that I can quickly scroll through images and stop on something that catches my eye. It feels so much more genuine than the 140 characters of Twitter and more direct than the overwhelming nature of Facebook. My aspirations to create an engaging community are big, I am excited about the progress made and the opportunities Instagram will create to create more connections.

Come visit me on Insta! Follow my account: @TCOBlog – use #TCODoYOU to show us the true, honest, unfiltered version of YOU! I am so excited for what’s next!


Saturday Share: InstaRound Up

The Corner Office (1)Instagram is, without a doubt, my favorite social media platform. It’s more low key, and very concise, there’s one type of media hitting your screen that you can scroll through. As a visual person I find it relaxing to scroll through a list of photos, some grab my attention and I end up reading the description, others I’ll just shoot by on my way to the next. While Instagram brought artistic effects to the masses making it incredibly easy for someone to make an attractive photo, I think a photographic eye is one of the most artistic talents someone can have. A good angle, interesting colors, good subject matter, and an obvious story can all be brought out in a single picture.

There was close to 60 Instagram posts that I liked in the last week. Here are some of my favorites – go check out their profile, like some of their pictures and follow their accounts!

InstaRound UP

AMIW@amthewilderness – If you read my post One in the Crowd last week, you know that I have a special connection to Andrew McMahon and his music. As he continues on his summer tour he has been posting pictures from his professional photographer. When I was at the show, I desperately tried to get a shot with my phone of just how awesome the color was on the stage. Being in a dark venue didn’t provide the light to do it – this picture was able to capture it.




@michiganders – I follow several different Michigan based accounts on Instagram. This is one of my favorites. This picture was just breathtaking to me. It was familiar, had beautiful color, and made me smile instantly. I don’t know what lake it’s from or who submitted it, but I fell in love with it immediately.




KBell@kristenanniebell – I love Kristen Bell, I think she’s hilarious, honest, and just plain awesome. I follow both her and her husband, Dax Shepard on Twitter. Kristen shares a variety of things, some funny and some that are thought provoking truth. I really appreciated her approach in the wake of the Nice attack. I couldn’t help but share it.



LE@the_laurenelizabeth – Lauren is a lifestyle blogger that I have looked up to and followed for almost five years. She is funny, artistic, smart, and has a great eye. Earlier this month, she unexpectedly lost one her cats. She held a fundraising event for the rescue she had gotten him from and wrote a post about it. Her sister, Kate of The Small Things Blog, also shared the story. It was heartbreaking. This little guy is Franklin, her new kitten. I mean, come on! How cute is he!?!


ABM@abeautifulmess – I am a huge fan of the A Beautiful Mess app. I have paid for it several times as I’ve switched phones throughout the years. It remains the ONLY app I have ever paid for. I like the features that it comes with to allow you to make a fun and professional photo. Their Instagram account comes with some gorgeous art and photos, they are bright and inviting. I just recently started following this account and I’m happy I did.




AMIW2@alexkaneperkins – Yes, this is another Andrew McMahon picture. I swear I’m not obsessed. But this picture made me so happy, it’s not only from the show I attended, it was a great depiction of just how fun and goofy Andrew is on stage. Instead of highlighting his account again, I wanted to show some love for the photographer, Alex Perkins.