Mondays are for Making it Happen

Being outside of my usual routine, all of the days seem to run together. Waking up on my little pull out couch in Justin’s hospital room, I witness the hustle and bustle of a Monday but it still doesn’t feel like Monday. I woke up, walked down the hall to the bathroom, stopped to brew the first pot of coffee for the unit, stole some coffee for myself, and headed back to set up shop on my little couch looking out the window on the hospital campus as the parking lots fill up and the sidewalks start to fill with staff, patients, and students.

While my Monday morning is not structured as it normally would be, it’s a Monday nonetheless – and that calls for some motivation!

I am excited for January's blog stats! It is my first month intentionally tracking goals and I can't wait to see this awesome month in numbers! (#nerdalert)-2.png

Mondays Are for Motivation (and coffee)!

There’s tons of negativity associated with Monday, specifically a Monday morning. I get it – you just had a great weekend and chances are you’d rather be at home than heading into a new week at work, I’ve been there. But Mondays can be about so much more! Monday morning is the jumpstart of your week, giving you an opportunity to set yourself up for success. Mondays are for Motivation (and coffee)!

I hope you take the time this morning to plan out your week ahead, write down things you’re grateful for, and identify what you’re excited about. I guarantee by doing those things you’ll feel a little more pumped to attack this week ahead! You got this!

I am excited for January's blog stats! It is my first month intentionally tracking goals and I can't wait to see this awesome month in numbers! (#nerdalert)-2.png

Don’t forget to share your attitude of gratitude and excitement with me on any of my social media platforms or via e-mail! I’d love to support you as you go through your week!


Attack the Day with Enthusiasm!

Three years ago, after spending my holiday break from work thinking about how to improve the morale of my team, I pushed myself a little outside of my usual mode of operation with a weekly motivational e-mail. I wrote about it as one of my 5 Easy Team Building Activities You Can Implement Today!

Last week while we were discussing moving forward in the new year I asked my staff if they felt the Monday e-mails were worth my time, specifically if it would make a difference if I DIDN’T continue to send them. With smirks on their faces, they told me how much they depend on them to start their week off right – they miss the e-mail when I miss a week, and look forward to seeing it pop in their inbox.

I had been thinking previously about publishing Monday Motivational posts here on The Corner Office, and the kind words and encouragement from my team were just the right amount of inspiration I needed. So, starting today, I will be writing two Motivational Monday pieces – one for them and one for you! As I tell my team, sharing your “attitude of gratitude” items for the week is never required, but always encouraged!

I hope you attack the day and week with enthusiasm! Happy Monday!



Kindness Challenge: Week One

revofkindnessBeing kind to yourself. Seems easy enough, if we knew we were being unkind to ourselves we might not be doing those toxic things to begin with. For whatever reason, it seems to be easier to be kind to other people, most of the time, than it is to focus on being kind to ourselves. As I have been struggling to be kind to anyone lately, I found the focus of week one of The Kindness Challenge rather fitting. One week of being kind to myself.

For the last year I have started each week with my team by sending them a “Motivational Monday” e-mail. I try to fill it with pictures, quotes, team updates, shout outs, and 3 things I am grateful for that week. When they can, the team sends along their 3 things to be grateful for  throughout the week as well. This small but consistent focus on gratitude provided a great starting point for the week.

Considering the craziness that has been my life lately, I opted to do a couple other tasks as well: I gave myself a break and did something for myself. On Saturday, after having breakfast with my long, lost friend I decided to spend an hour with myself in one of my favorite places: Barnes & Noble. I got a coffee and wandered around the bookstore with the gift card my sister gave me for Christmas burning a hole in my wallet. I walked away with a pack of notebooks and two books, neither which I had heard of before walking into the store. I could have spent my entire day slowly browsing the aisles, but figured, eventually someone would call in a search party if I went unheard from. Sunday was spent finally unpacking and organizing my office at home. As the room where all random items go to forever be shoved in a closet I had been procrastinating on settling on a layout and hanging my pictures. By 1pm I was done and falling asleep in the lazyboy in the sunroom. It was refreshing to finally have my office set up, considering this blog is called “The Corner Office” it was the missing piece in getting myself together after moving.

Being kind to myself wasn’t quite as difficult as I had originally anticipated, I’m sure it helped that I was more than ready to spend some time focusing on self-kindness. I’m starting week two today – I’ll be observing kindness in the world around me. I challenge YOU to look for some kindness in your world this week as well.