Gratitude Train


Last week we continued the journey toward thirty things to be grateful for in November, a play on the traditional daily posts that typically flood your newsfeed, I highlighted [THE RIGHT TO VOTE], [FRIENDS AT WORK], [FOOD], [OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN], [INSPIRATION], [HOME], [FUR KIDS], and [COFFEE] as things I was grateful for. To continue in my thirty days of gratitude, here are the eight things I am grateful for this week:

[FALL WEATHER] The weather has been nothing short of gorgeous of the better part of the last month in southeastern Michigan. We’re bouncing between 50 and 60 degrees, with minimal rain. It’s been nice to soak up the fall weather this season. I needed it!

[SUPPORTIVE SUPERVISOR] I am incredibly lucky to have a supervisor who is supportive, invested, and innovative. She listens to me, encourages me, and pushes me. She laughs when I tell her that she has made me visible in our organization and it means I can’t come in looking like a bum anymore.

[READERSHIP] I try to write for myself, but sometimes that just isn’t what happens when you start to gain readership, you start to write for your audience and that’s okay. I was overwhelmed by the support I received after I wrote Knock Yourself Out earlier this week. It’s pretty awesome when you write for yourself and it ends up resonating with people.

[NEW NOTEBOOKS] I am truly a nerd, I get far too excited about new notebooks, pens, markers, post-it notes, binder clips, ANYTHING!

[SOCIAL MEDIA] There was a high amount of hesitation before I typed this one out, but as awful as social media can be, it does allow me to keep in contact with people in my life that I don’t see on a regular basis. It, if used wisely, can be a source of news, inspiration, and community.

[MY CAR] Justin and I both drive dependable cars, that we don’t have to worry about. It’s an incredible comfort to know that we have transportation to wherever we need to go, whether it be work, the hospital, to the grocery store, or on vacation.

[PAID TIME OFF] Working in an organization that provides paid time off is absolutely something to be grateful for. I am one of the few lucky ones that feels I receive an appropriate amount of PTO, between promotions, rollover, and my tenure at the organization, I have an ample amount of time to use each year. It has been very beneficial this year in particular.

[WATER] Clean, fresh, ample water is not a given anymore. I take for granted my access to water, I am able to wash my clothes, take a shower, run the dishwasher, water my lawn, and drink as much as I need without a second thought. For that, I am grateful.

What are you thankful for today?

Gratitude Vibes 

It seems as though gratitude might be more necessary now than I had anticipated last week when I wrote my first post. I will not write about the results of the election, however it’s impossible to ignore the uprising that has happened in the last 24 hours. I wish nothing but peace, security, and gratitude to my fellow Americans that might be struggling with what is to come. Root your day in gratitude, my friends!

Last week I started the journey toward thirty things to be grateful for in November, a play on the traditional daily posts that typically flood your newsfeed, I highlighted [FAMILY], [JUSTIN], [MY JOB], [COMMUNITY], and [THE CORNER OFFICE] as things I was grateful for. To continue in my thirty days of gratitude, here are the eight things I am grateful for this week:

[RIGHT TO VOTE] Regardless of the outcome, I love in a country that allows me to cast a vote for the candidate of my choosing. I have a say, and that’s worth something.

[FRIENDS AT WORK] I am incredibly lucky to work with some amazing people that I have built strong, supportive relationships with over the last year. They push me, value my strengths, look out for me, and fight beside me. My life wouldn’t be the same without them.

[FOOD] Food insecurity is an epidemic across our nation, people, on a daily basis, don’t know where their next meal will come from. I am fortunate to have the means to put food in my fridge and the ability to chose the food I eat.

[OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN] I am a firm believer that you never reach your capacity to learn something new. I strive to increase my skill set in my career and personal life on a regular basis, and having the means to do so and the support to move forward cannot be overrated.

[INSPIRATION] This week I spent some concentrated time brainstorming and working with my other half at work. She took the lead, asking me questions, organizing thoughts, and helped me see a path that I was struggling to see. That clarity helped to inspire me in my work, which after six years, can be hard to come by.

[HOME] A place to go at the end of the day, a warm bed to sleep in, and community I’ve known all my life. I am so thankful to be home, back in the neighborhood I grew up in, and to have a safe, comfortable, and warm place to come home to.

[FUR KIDS] These three fur kids of ours are loving, annoying, spunky, adorable, and ours. I can’t imagine our life without any of them, they are our stinky little fur kids and we love them.

[COFFEE] I mean, let’s be honest, getting up by 6am everyday doesn’t happen on its own. My first cup of the morning at home, while it’s still dark outside is my absolute favorite. There’s something comforting about a nice cup of coffee, the caffeine doesn’t hurt either.

What are you thankful for today? 

Thirty Days of Gratitude


November is a month for giving thanks and appreciating the things that you might usually take for granted in everyday life. If you’re even the least bit active on social media you’re aware of the different challenges going around where individuals list the things they are grateful for each day in November. I’d like to think that we should all live that way 365 days a year, but that is rather idealistic of me.

There’s something special about Thanksgiving, a low-pressure holiday that gives you the opportunity to sit with family, enjoy the fall season, eat delicious food, and spend time basking in shared gratitude. It is, hands down, my favorite holiday of the year. While I won’t be posting something I am grateful for everyday throughout November, I will be doing a blog post on each Thursday in November highlighting the things that bring me gratitude, by the end of the month you will have 30, one for each day. I hope you’ll join me, and if you don’t want to join me publicly, that you’ll at least do it for yourself. There’s power in gratitude, it has the potential to completely reframe your thinking and attitude if you let it!

[FAMILY] If you know the least bit about me, you know that family is the most important thing in my life. I have been incredibly lucky to have been born into an amazing, tight knit, crazy group of people that keep me grounded. I am beyond proud to share my family with Justin and love the little family of our own that we have built. We are outnumbered by furbabies, but I love the life that we have created.

[JUSTIN] My inspiringly strong husband gets a shout out of his own. He has been dealt some pretty significant challenges and he just takes each of them in stride, moving toward a resolution. He understand the impact that this has on me and is supportive, even when the roles should be reversed. He makes me laugh, cares for our zoo of animals, and is my best friend.

[MY JOB] As stressed and frustrated as I get in my work, I am beyond grateful that I am employed in the field of my choosing, doing and supporting work that I am passionate about. It’s not always easy and I am constantly learning but knowing that I have a secure future is an incredible comfort. Not everyone gets to do what they love every day, I’m lucky to say that I do.

[COMMUNITY] The last year has been difficult for Justin and I, but we have been so lucky to have the support of the community around us. Our people that are not blood related but feel more like family have gone above and beyond to hold us up as we navigate through the unknown.

[THE CORNER OFFICE] I haven’t given this blog as much love and attention as it deserves lately, but I am very grateful for the outlet it has given me and the people it has brought into my life. After graduating college I didn’t see how I was going to be able to incorporate writing into my everyday life, having this space has reignited a creative fire in me that I’m excited to have back!