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Morning Friends!

As you know, one of my goals for 2017 is to cultivate meaningful relationships with the people in my life, to be intentional with my time with them, and being a form of support for them. This, without a doubt, includes you! What better way to help cultivate our relationships and get to know one another than to keep in touch throughs social media!?

Use this post to share your social media and blog information with others. That’s it, no catch! If you feel so inclined to reblog the post, invite other blogger friends, or share other blogs, feel free! No rules, just people that want to make other connections in this huge blog community we have! Can’t wait to connect with you!




I am excited. Like, nerdy, giggling, clapping my hands at 5:30am excited!

I have been following some of my favorite blogs for years, longer than I have been writing myself. With the growth of social media my connection to those people has just grown exponentially. I look to them for inspiration, they keep me thinking big about TCO, and they push me to think outside of my comfort zone. But they also give me unrealistic expectations for who I want have to be in order to be engaging and create an online community as a blogger. For the last year I have been trying so desperately to fit into the mold my favorite bloggers have created, but here’s the thing:

I am not like them. And I have decided that’s okay.

I am not an accomplished photographer, or event planner, or creative entrepreneur. I don’t travel around the world and write about it on my MacBook Pro while taking perfectly curated photos of my life. However, if anyone wanted to remedy that MacBook Pro part, I wouldn’t be mad. I don’t walk around in my $50 leggings and shop at Target everyday. I don’t have kids or a perfectly girly workspace that I use.

I am me. I am a homebody, someone who enjoys my work in the nonprofit field, loves to be creative and write about my life. I am a wife, I married my best friend at the age of 25. I live in the same neighborhood I grew up in and enjoy spending my weekends on the couch binging on whatever Netflix show I am currently obsessed with. I can go days without getting out of my pajamas, and am comfortable with my flaws.

I am done perpetuating the idea that everything has to fit into a single mold to be beautiful or right, and I am most certainly done trying to make my life fit into a mold that doesn’t support who I am. Life is messy. Messy is beautiful. Messy is real. And that’s how I am moving forward – letting go of the 2016 version of myself, so desperately trying to make the wrong filter work for my life.

I am me, I am going to DO ME. I encourage each and every one of you to DO YOU! Do what makes you different, happy, and keeps you excited everyday as you move forward through your life. Be imperfect, be silly, be messy. Be YOU.


In an effort to DO ME, I have been working behind the scenes for the last two months on some goals for The Corner Office Blog. I started with a domain name –> Next was a brand board and logo, custom images for posts, a defined mission and vision, a new blog template, about me page, and now…


Instagram is, without a doubt, my favorite social media platform. I am a visual person and love that I can quickly scroll through images and stop on something that catches my eye. It feels so much more genuine than the 140 characters of Twitter and more direct than the overwhelming nature of Facebook. My aspirations to create an engaging community are big, I am excited about the progress made and the opportunities Instagram will create to create more connections.

Come visit me on Insta! Follow my account: @TCOBlog – use #TCODoYOU to show us the true, honest, unfiltered version of YOU! I am so excited for what’s next!


Sound Bites, Instant Insults, and Double Agents

I have felt weighed down recently. Not necessarily by anything in particular, but by the world in general. Over the last few weeks I have found that it is more difficult to move beyond the negativity that seems to be causing the plague. Instead of shaking it off and moving forward, I find myself stuck in the quicksand. I’m baffled by it really.

It’s no secret that my little family is going through an unprecedented hardship. Justin has been through treatment protocols before, four to be exact, but never one as grandiose, and unpredictable as this. It’s taking a toll, on both of us, but sticking together has kept us both from surrendering to the circumstances. I always give myself a reality check when I find myself falling down the negativity rabbit hole, to identify the root cause. Wallowing in the depression that comes with this kind of medical issue is not productive, I can snap myself back to reality rather quickly. It’s that ability to snap out of it that makes me certain in the fact that the weight I’m feeling has little to do with our current norm.

I watch politics for fun, I engage in social media, I push the status quo in my professional career, the things that I do to find motivation are things that seem to be drowning in negativity.

I am looming near my capacity for the current presidential election. The absurdity of the things we spend our time talking about has reached an all time low. Instead of engaging in a dialog and sharing insight, we are listening to politicians, and I use that term loosely, point fingers at each other in an effort to illustrate who is the lesser of two evils. Pundits no longer have the ability to control their shock. Our legislative and judicial leaders are laying low until November 8th passes. In the age of social media, millennials, and instant gratification it seems an election that had the potential to engage record-breaking numbers of citizens has instead forced people to question if their voice actually matters. Unless, of course, they are able to use it from behind a computer screen and anonymous social media account.

We are constantly in touch with social media. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, people are getting their information in 140 characters or less. Feedback, opinions, and comebacks are instantaneous. Everyone’s an expert, and just like how every kid gets a participation trophy in baseball, everyone has the right to post their opinion on social media. No knowledge or understanding required. We have morphed into a society that fights by typing on keyboards or with our thumbs. We no longer have productive conversations, we yell at each other, in shouty capitals, refusing to accept that someone else may have a differing opinion. We refuse to recognize just how amazingly diverse our society can be. At some point, the constant information, communication, and ignorance becomes exhausting, and unnatural.

I consider myself a logical and strategic person. I have made a career for myself that is built on my ability to look at a situation, see the working pieces, and then articulate how we can use those pieces to build something new. I like to push the status quo, move beyond compliance and expectation, and reach for the next big idea. Sometimes that is a lonely place to operate from. Inevitably, someone will not be willing to look for the next big idea, and instead of embracing a new path, I find that I have to weave my way through the land mines that are created just to spite progress. I struggle with this daily. Not with the idea that some people cannot see the path, but that they refuse to open their eyes to look for it. Something that seems so clear and exciting to me, can be the worst-case scenario for others that don’t see the vision. That’s acceptable, unless an opposing super-secret task force is formed, aimed at blocking progress at every turn. The catch: the super-secret task force, is made up of individuals are also allies that are imperative to the success in finding the new path, I just don’t know it.

Absurd Presidential candidate sound bites, 140 character insults, and double agents. It’s surprising any of us have the energy to process our own lives, the things that actually matter.


Gravity has been strong lately. The negativity is pulling me downward and I am trying to keep my head above water, grasping at the little things that help me move forward in positivity, rather than negativity. I strive to share these little things with you, in the hopes that they might help you too, whether you need it or not.

Today’s spark of positivity is brought to you by:

  • Nathan Reich’s album: All Night Pharmacy
  • A newly organized office, stocked with pictures that make me happy
  • A friend that made the last hour of the work day bearable
  • This TED Talk with Adam Grant 
  • The motivation to clean the kitchen, organize the living room, and sit down at the computer to write this post before going to bed.

One Small Step for Blogger Kind

While on vacation I spent a lot of time thinking about what I see this blog evolving into. It was the first time that I actually saw it becoming something bigger than just me randomly writing about my life. I, by no means, think that I will become this famous blogger but as my readership grows and I’m seeing new countries added to my reader list I am realizing the actual reach of this community and know it will only increase as I continue to write and plan. So, after a lot of thinking, planning, and pro-con list making, I decided to start creating a social media presence for The Corner Office outside of my personal profiles. Starting with Facebook.

moving!This is the first post in over four years that I will not be publicizing on my personal Facebook page. There is now  The Corner Office Facebook page for people to keep up with my posts and my adventures in this community. I’m excited and terrified all at the same time.

If you’re so inclined, go ahead and check it out. I’m still in the process of developing the page so hang in there while I figure it out.


I have also created an e-mail address specifically for this blog: feel free to contact me using that address!

I’m looking forward to taking this on full force and seeing where it leads me. It could be a huge disaster, but at least I gave it a shot!

Here goes nothing!