And Suddenly, It’s September


What a month! August seems to have lasted so much longer than just thirty-one days. It feels as though my week spend up north with my family was so long ago, so much longer than four weeks. I’m ready for September, ready for the cooler weather, the start of fall, and to push through the next phase in our lives. Justin’s bone marrow transplant is looming close in the distance and we’re ready to hit it head on.

As I sit here reflecting on the last four weeks, I feel pretty proud of what was accomplished for The Corner Office in the month of August. With a week spent on vacation, and a slowdown of momentum in the last week, I wrote 23 posts – my most active month, ever!

There were 255 people that stopped by throughout the month, reading 584 times, and 138 instances that someone read enough to click the little star indicating they liked a post. The Corner Office reached 19 countries in August! People from Canada, Malaysia, The UK, Ghana, Singapore, Italy, South Africa, Pakistan, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam all read something from TCO in August!

The most read post for the month was The New Normal: Five Years Later, where I relived the story of Justin’s original diagnosis, for the first time I was able to put words to the emotions of that day. Happy Birthday, Dad!, Just for Fun: 25 Things, and A Tuesday Pep Talk all came in close behind.

When trying to decide which post was my favorite from the month, I couldn’t pick one! There were some that I was proud of, but also some that may not have showcased my best writing, while really hitting home for me in terms of the message coming across. I participated in the 3 quote challenge with: Saturday Share: Quotes in TV, Saturday Share: Lyrics, and Saturday Share: Unfocused. In an attempt to use my work as an inspiration, I continued the Leadership Lessons category with: 5 Team Building Activities You Can Implement Today!

I may not always be consistent in the space, or as intelligent and insightful as I should be, but I am grateful for this space. I have this tiny corner of the internet to use as my own and I am just so thankful that other people chose to read as well. Here’s to whatever September has to bring!

July Turns to August

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of summer. August is the month where we are soaking up the last bit of the warm weather, vacation time, and everyone’s summertime good mood. Soon people will be preparing for another school year, fall, and a more consistent routine. 

July was an interesting month in my neck of the woods. It seemed that most of our time was spent either out of town or preparing to go out of town. Justin spent a week in Texas, a week in the Upper Peninsula with his family, and now a second week in the Upper Peninsula with my parents. In addition to this week’s vacation, I spent 2 days in Grand Rapids and 4 days on the lake for Girls Weekend. In some respects July flew by incredibly quickly. In others, it seemed to go on forever. 

I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with how July turned out for The Corner Office. I spent some serious time planning and writing. I was able to set up a more consistent process for how to schedule posts ahead of time, leaving me ample time to write when the mood strikes. This was my second most productive month since February, which was my most productive month ever in my four years blogging. 

The Corner Office had 551 views, just 49 short of my goal. I posted 18 times, the most viewed being We are Broken, a post I wrote in the moment after the attack in Nice.  34 bloggers followed my site in July, taking my total up to 99 WordPress bloggers that are following The Corner Office. I am anxiously awaiting the next one. The reach of this blog is slowly growing, which is incredibly exciting. I’m really enjoying the process and have been so grateful for the community of engaged people here in this little internet world. 

I am out in the wilderness this week with a total of 1x service on my iPhone…I  don’t even know what 1x means so the chances of me being active this week are slim. Know that I’m reading when I can, commenting when I am able to read, and responding to comments as quickly as I can. 

Have an amazing week! 

Update: This happened today 🙂

High Five for Friday: Welcome, July!

H54FJune was an odd month. Nothing spectacular, not awful, just a regular ol’ month that flew by without a second thought. The weather warmed up for us in June, we saw consistent sunshine as summer officially hit Michigan. As if on cue, I woke up this morning to our first drops of rain in almost two weeks! If that isn’t a metaphor for washing away an old month and bringing in a new one, I don’t know what is! Unlike June, this week seemed to fly by and before I knew it, Friday arrived!

  1. Justin is out of town this week visiting friends in Texas, I’m excited for him to be able to spend some time with his best friend and think about something other than hospital visits. His doctor was incredibly supportive of him traveling this summer as long as he pays attention to body, and wears a mask on airplanes. Deal!
  2. I am in the process of earning my Certified Nonprofit Professional credential as part of my professional development for the year and yesterday I got some direction and clarification from the program advisor. She was impressed with my ability to, essentially, advise myself on how to move through the program without speaking to anyone. I just laughed. I’m feeling more connected to my field overall just by doing the research to prepare for this process.
  3. June was a decent month for The Corner Office. At the beginning of the month I set a few goals for myself just to keep the motivation flowing. I surpassed most of them and started to bring my numbers out of the slump I’ve been stagnating in. There were 501 views, 211 visitors, 79 likes, and 45 comments in June! I continued as a participant in the Kindness Challenge, posts for Week 4, Week 5, and Week 6. I started a new category for the blog: EJFP Chapters, where I tell stories from my life. I’m incredibly humbled by the 13 new followers that started reading, and the people from the 13 countries that stopped by this month!
  4. On Monday of this week I gathered my team after assigning them the task of completing the Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment. We had an engaging and interesting conversation about the strengths of each member of our team and how that could impact our ability to work together. I was really excited to start the conversation and think about us each individually and as a group of individuals.
  5. Also on Monday, Justin decided he wanted to go out to dinner for some wings. We headed to Applebee’s and binged on fried appetizers and I had my first beer in a while. A Short’s Soft Parade really is delicious. We had some great conversation, laughed a lot, and one of us (me) might have gotten a little buzzed and had to hand over her car keys. It was nice to just spend some time together doing normal people things, a little reminiscent of our life 5 years ago.

Hello, June!

HELLOBoy, was May the month of transitions. April was crazy, overly busy, too much going on, packing, moving, packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, and so on. For some reason I figured the transition would end on May 1st, that’s a lot of pressure for the month of May. The craziness may have decreased but the transitions were really just starting.

A couple of weeks before we moved I was talking with my uncle about the whole process. I was kind of blowing him off because he randomly showed up while my mom and I were finishing up for the day, he was drunk, and was just so unaware of how annoyed we were. He told me he was going to give me a month to get settled in our new house. I laughed and said “Ha! I’ll be settled in three days!” and I honestly believed it. I figured I’d be in, unpacked, settled, and relaxed by day three. Funny, it’s now day thirty-three and there’s still some boxes that need to be unpacked, stuff to be organized, shelves to be hung, and a garage full of grandma’s stuff that needs to be sold. Nevermind the fact that it took me all thirty-one days in May to get through my transition period, to remember where I put things, to create some new routines, to not feel like I’m having a sleepover in my grandma’s house. Maybe I should listen to my uncle more often…maybe not.

May wasn’t a high viewer month for The Corner Office, however I spent a lot of time cultivating relationships with other bloggers that I have been following, so to me, that is the mark of a complete success. I’ve seen a decline in readership among the people in my personal life, but my blogger friends have been reading, liking and commenting. Thank you!

May had 327 views, 13 posts, readers from 11 countries, 81 likes, and 39 comments. So, while my overall views have decreased, the engagement on the blog has spiked pretty dramatically.

I have been participating in the Kindness Challenge, hosted by Niki at The Richness of a Simple Life – Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 – are here.

I guest posted for Stephanie on Making Time for Me by writing an introductory post, which was harder than I had anticipated but I absolutely loved how it turned out.

I posted 3 High Five for Friday posts, which are always one of my favorites to put together. H54F 5/13, H54F 5/20, H54F 5/27

May was fun! Less stressful, more relaxing, and allowed me to build some new routines and recharge for the summer. I’m looking forward to June – thanks for continuing on this ride with me!