Throwback Thursday: My People

img_0995-1Typically, Thursdays are for throwing it back to something that was posted on the blog, I’ve taken us back to some of my very early posts from four years ago, I’ve kept us in the same month a couple of times, but today I was at a loss. Today, a blog post came up in my Timehop, it was three years ago today that I posted 20 Questions: Sisterly Love. I had thought that I would do a series on the blog where I asked the people in my life the same 20 questions, this was the only piece in the series.

When scrolling through my posts to take me back three years to find 20 Questions, I passed My People. I stopped and smiled. Through a rough couple of weeks those same two people have been the individuals I have turned to in an effort to remain grounded in positivity. They continue to be a pillar of support in my daily life.

It occurred to me yesterday that I cannot remember my first interactions with either of “my people”. I don’t remember how they went from people at work to people that I recognized as someone I could talk to and have a relationship with, but I can’t imagine my life without them. Either of them.

To keep my gratitude for them alive, I’m throwing it back to June for Throwback Thursday today with My People. I may even resurrect The Kindness Challenge to keep me rooted in my gratitude and kindness during this time when I seem to be rooted in frustration and exhaustion.

Here’s to my people – they are simply the best!

Throwback Thursday: Adulting

I don’t want to adult today. I’m just not excited about doing anything other than laying on my couch, watching television with my dog. I wasn’t even going to post today, and quite possibly not tomorrow either. I just didn’t care.  As I hesitantly started getting ready for work, late of course, I was reminded of a post I wrote about adulting earlier this year. 

So, since I’m not very interested in adulting today, it only makes sense that I throw it back to February and Why Sometimes You Have to Add Hot Chocolate to Your Coffee

Feel free to wallow in your lack of desire to adult with me today! 

Throwback Thursday: Alert the Authorities!

You'realwayswith meToday, as I sit here, half awake, sipping my coffee and watching my usual morning news I am filled with anticipation for what has become one of my favorite events of the year.

It’s Girls Weekend!

One weekend, every year, women with suitcases full of crazy supplies, travel toward northern Michigan to spend four days laughing, catching up, being crazy, and relaxing. It is usually the only time of the year that we are all together. We plan for months to celebrate our relationships with each other, it is an import part of our lives.

For this year, in particular, I am in desperate need of this weekend, to spend time with some of my absolute favorite people and let them build me up again. In about four hours I will be getting in the car, driving the four blocks to pick up my mother and we will be hitting the road for our restorative four days in the woods.

So, in honor of my morning of anticipation and packing, let’s throw it back today to TWO posts on previous Girls Weekends. Last year’s post The Parade and 2014’s Hazy, Crazy, Lazy Days of Summer.

Alert the authorities, the ladies are on their way!

Throwback Thursday: Dammit Cheryl, Again

#TBTSometimes I wonder if when we are struggling with something if we seek out the people that we know will push us forward toward success. It’s not surprising, right? As humans, we look for support and validation from the people that we know will support and validate us. Enter, again, Cheryl.

While my shift toward positivity and kindness have taken shape in my life, I have continually struggled with getting back to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve tried to get motivated and it seems to last all of five minutes before I head to the kitchen for a bowl of Lucky Charms. Whew, that was a long five minutes of healthy eating! The struggle didn’t get any easier as the weather got warmer and everything just started to feel hot and uncomfortable. Everything, include every clothing item I own, outside of my yoga pants, of course.

While sitting outside with my friend, we’ll call her Cheryl, at work this week, I was telling her about my lost motivation. She took that as a personal challenge to give me the ultimate pep talk and kick my ass in gear. It must be the pirate in her…

Sitting across from her she laid out her super plan for me for next week, customized for my uber lazy ways. By signing on for Cheryl Bootcamp I am agreeing to only one Tim Horton’s run and one night out to eat next week. Everything else must be what I have at home. No exceptions. Her first step is for me to just get back into the habit of preparing food and planning for the week ahead. She was so animated and serious about everything I couldn’t help but just smile at her.

“You’ll have so much fun!” she says.

foodCoincidently, it was also my night to do my mid-week grocery shopping trip so I made some adjustments to my list and made my way to the store. After unpacking everything at home, I found myself standing around in the kitchen while my parents, Justin, and my grandma were discussion options for a new roof, I thought of Cheryl and figured, well…if I’m just standing here, I might as well do some food prep. I made breakfast yogurt parfaits for the rest of the week, cut up all of my strawberries, cut up my bell peppers for my hummus, and portioned everything out in ready to go packs. I’ve even got plans to set my crockpot before bed so dinner is ready to go before I even head out the door in the morning. Here goes nothing!

You might recall that Cheryl has been a contributing factor to making me choose a healthier lifestyle before. Right around the beginning of our 10-10-10 at work, which I started and never made it beyond week one. Cheryl, on the other hand has lost over 40lbs since then. I suppose, if you’re going to enroll in an unauthorized Bootcamp, this one has earned some credibility. Lord only knows what she has in store for me for week 2.

We’re throwing it back to March for this Throwback Thursday with my last run in with Cheryl and her health pep talks. Enjoy Three Small Things!

Throwback Thursday: The Lesser of Evils

Throwback ThursdayMy new morning routine consists of a cup of coffee, my laptop, and Morning Joe. It has been a good two months since I have been paying close attention to what is happening in our race for President. I can tell you, after watching Morning Joe for the last few weeks, nothing has changed. People are just more entrenched in their hatred for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, despite their climbing delegate counts. Pundits are having the same conversations, the same words but with more frustration, disbelief, and disappointment in their voices and faces.

In March I found myself writing about our political climate as I had several times before and ended up with my own personal rant about where this Presidential campaign is headed and, alas, here we are almost three months later and our situation hasn’t changed. We are moving forward with the Lesser of Evils.

Throwback Thursday: My Lost Motivation


I have been feeling a little lost at work lately, unmotivated and aimless. I am going through a time of strategic planning, trial and error, and thinking about how to better structure a program that has been functioning for seven years. Usually, I thrive in these types of transitions. With everything else going on in my life recently, I seem to be weighed down by it. Instead of finding the excitement in my open calendar, office supplies, and brainstorming sessions, I’m finding that I am exhausted by them. I have a desire to be busy, to keep myself moving at a pace that doesn’t allow me to stop and think about what’s going on around me. Apparently, this is what happens when I finally get some time to rest: I miss the chaos.

I’ve been looking for my motivation, desperately looking for some inspiration that would give me the push to get it together. I haven’t quite found it yet, but I remembered writing this post a couple of years ago shortly after I had made the transition from team member to program supervisor. I set off in the early morning hours in search of inspiration and I found it. Here’s hoping the inspiration I’ve been on the hunt for surfaces soon.

I’m throwing it all the way back to October 2013 today with my post A Great Freaking Day!