Throwback Thursday: The Corner Office

I have been writing, in some form, for most of my life. Whether it be in an actual notebook or out in cyberspace, I have always found comfort in taking thoughts and putting them into place on a page. Until recently, I haven’t used any particular method with much consistency. I have countless half filled notebooks that were to serve as daily journals, and spent four years sporadically writing on this blog. Since I have taken the time to make writing a daily part of my life I have felt so much more connected to the world and as if I have this creative outlet, just for me. I can’t lie, seeing the readership and community around The Corner Office increase has be so incredibly amazing. On a daily basis I am shocked by the number of people reading, liking, commenting, and sharing. It’s rather humbling.

Three years ago, when I transitioned the blog “Still Standing” to “The Corner Office” I had no idea where it would take me. I was inspired by my little office space that I created in our new home. It was the first time since I had left my parents house that I had a space to call my own. I felt so grown up. Around the same time as our move, I received a promotion at work and with that came my own office. I now had two spaces that were mine to create in, to think, be productive, and keep moving forward. It seemed only natural that my online creative space mirrored the now two spaces that I got to call my own.

We are throwing it back to August of 2013 today, almost 3 years later, to the post where I introduced everyone to The Corner Office.

The Zoo

I live in a zoo.

I woke up this morning, later than usual, just before 8am. I did a few of my morning tasks, made Justin his smoothie, made myself some coffee and took up residence on our couch in the sunroom to just enjoy the morning. That lasted all of five minutes before the zoo opened up for the day.

So sweet…and quiet.

Gus Gus, our big fat six year old cat, has been allowed to go outside with Bruno in the backyard a few times. It was an opportunity for Gus to feel more comfortable with Bruno, and to explore. He loved it. Now, when he doesn’t get to go outside he walks around the house crying, nonstop, until someone lets him out. We’ve created a monster. Our solution is that Gus no longer gets to go outside, but in the meantime, we have to deal with the crying cat walking from door to door to be let outside. A loud, screeching, annoying, cry.

I decided to try and ignore it, hoping he would just quiet down and I could jump start my blogging for the week and enjoy the cooler weather this morning. Sundays are my days to recharge and regroup. I turned on the news, sipped on my coffee, and opened up my laptop. I’ve been writing, in my head, my Kindness Challenge reflection for a couple of days and was ready to get it out.


Well, that was distracting. I got back to my post.


I will spare you the words that started streaming from my mouth at this point, but essentially I was yelling at Gus about how his life isn’t that hard and he has nothing to complain about.


Well alright then.

Let’s try this again. Back to my gratitude post.

I got no further than the title before Gus was standing behind me on the back of the couch yelling in my ear because Bruno looked at him. The laptop was slammed shut, my glasses came off, and I just put my head in my hands. This place is a ZOO this morning! After about 5 minutes, Gus got quieter…he found some leftover kibble in his dish from breakfast. I opened my laptop, deleted the title at the top and angrily started typing “The Zoo”.

Seems my inspiration and motivation for one post has evaporated and what you get in return is me complaining about my cat. Boy, aren’t you lucky!

Assuming at some point Gus will get over not being outside, I will be able to continue writing. If not, it was nice knowing you, thanks for reading while it lasted.